How to Expand Digital Marketing Reach despite Decline in Facebook’s Organic Reach – Channel Diversification


Although Facebook may be the most popular network among social networks but there are other networks that are fast growing and can help brands achieve success. Marketers should develop strategies for such networks to take full advantage of them in a time when Facebook reach may start declining. As each of those networks is distinct with a discrete behaviour, every different network requires a tailored approach. What may have been successful for Pininterest and Instagram may not apply on another network.

In the real world, one may find it easier to establish reach on Instagram whereas Twitter for achieving word-of-mouth and engagement with users. Additionally, the architecture of Pininterest makes it perfect for commerce and driving traffic. To harness the best out of networks, the marketers need to constantly track and harness the impact of campaigns on activity and conversions, and then optimize based on what seemingly works. Priority should be given in prioritizing resources, budget and right approaches that give the biggest results for a business.

Another important feature of social media that should be harnessed well is hashtags. Since, they are a common feature across social media networks, marketers must put them to use and unify promotions across networks. This allows followers to participate in whatever way they like, enabling more reach for a contest. Branded hashtags, another feature of social media is ideal for aggregating content generated by the users like jokes, videos, clips, photos etc. – fans inspire more contributions from their friends and followers when they share creative and visual contents on social media. On top of this, marketers can pull all posts and turn it into a dynamic and attractive feed, resulting in even more participation.

Marketers should not limit campaigns to social networks alone, they should run multiple campaigns that touch every part of a consumer journey and captures audiences across multiple channels. An 88 percent of marketers believe that multi-screen campaigns that are integrated will become inevitable in the next few years. Trans-media campaigns that are well connected start conversation and captures audiences across marketing mix.

Some tips on running successful campaigns that are connected:

It is important to promote campaign hashtag across all channels of which, social media is just one and others like direct email, radio, television etc. A campaign hashtag can be embedded on the brand’s website increasing visibility and eventually participation. One can also monitor real-time responses to a campaign and showcase through a branded collection published on the campaign’s website or a landing page. A gallery of in-store digital photos of users can also be featured encouraging a brand’s in-person customers to interact through digital and mobile. Campaigns can also be shared across email and social networks to further increase reach.

As part of the campaign, email addresses should be collected that can be used to target in future campaigns. Emails can be made social to help extend reach – web versions of the same email can be created with share buttons. It is vital to feature social channels and promote special offers or social sweepstakes. Driving ecommerce and site visits can be achieved by including coupons and links to products in a campaign.


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